Many anglers catch a huge number of big pike on spoons each year.  Hundreds of salmon in
excess of 25 pounds are caught on spoons every year by anglers fishing the Great Lakes.  Why
not spoons for muskies?  That was my reasoning back in 1993, when I began questioning why
not one angler I knew EVER fished muskies with a spoon.  Could muskies be caught on spoons?
After 8 seasons, and some 50 odd muskies over 40" (and up to 49"), I can assure you that spoons
work very well indeed.

My biggest spoon caught muskie to date... 49" of mean machine caught on an Eppinger 300!


Spoons hook almost as efficiently as a bucktail, except that they can take far more abuse than any
bucktail I have ever used.  They have an action that is second to no other bait.  And they come
in a range of colours, sizes and shapes that will literally boggle your mind.  You can cast them
or troll them with equal effectiveness.  Best of all, they can be purchased at a fraction of the
cost of most other muskie baits!

There are several reasons why I believe the spoon is such an exceptional muskie bait.  Firstly,
they have a wide seductive wobble.  It has been my experience that muskies, especially bigger
fish, prefer a wide action than a tight one.  I believe that this is because the wide action more
closely simulates the swimming action of a larger baitfish, creating the illusion of size.  Secondly,
spoons tend to run quite shallow, yet deeper than a bucktail, which is of particular importance
when fishing for suspended fish.  Thirdly, spoons hook very well, and are exceptionally resilient.
Let's face it, it's pretty tough for a muskie to bite down on several ounces of metal and bury
those teeth, like they can with many wooden or even some plastic baits.  Lastly, and perhaps
most importantly, the majority of muskies have never seen a spoon before in their lifetime,
because no one uses them!  On pressured waters, think of the edge this gives you over your
fellow muskie anglers.

(Left to right)  Len Thompson #4, Gibbs Croc # 5 1/2, Eppinger 700, Eppinger Musky Red Eye,
Eppinger Cop-E-Cat 7000, Eppinger 300, Lindy Gator, Lucky Strike #6 Canoe, Williams Whitefish

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