The Maritimes

We have travelled from sea to sea and we are arriving at the eastern provinces on the Atlantic Ocean beginning in New Brunswick and ending in Newfoundland.

New Brunswick is the only officially bilingual province in Canada with roots in French culture about two centuries old. Unique to this part of the country are many covered bridges, the highest ocean tides in the world and Magnetic Hill in Moncton. Nestled between Quebec, Nova Scotia and the US state of Maine. Acadian culture is prevalent along the east coast and their American cousins in Louisianna share common roots. Several festivals are held during the summer such as the Shediac Lobster Festival, Le Festival Acadien de Caraquet and Festival by the sea. Fredericton is the capital city located on the river valley scenic drive.

New Brunswick

After a brief visit to New Brunswick we are on our way to Prince Eward Island the cradle of Confederation in the year eighteen sixty seven.

We are now crossing the Confederation Bridge to Canada`s smallest province the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery authur of Anne of Green Gables and many other books. In the capital of Charlottetown there are many cultural events. The Island has many parks with sand beaches on the ocean shore, some catering to families, others to people interested in history, ecology and many other pursuits will find a treasure trove here. Sandy loam soil present here is one of the most important resources for growing crops, with population of about one hundred forty.

Prince Eward Island PEI Information

We are off to Nova Scotia via land link from New Brunswick or by a ferry from Prince Eward Island, Newfoundland or Maine, United States Of America.

Nova Scotia has many beautiful places to live and visit such as the world famous Annapolis Valey in apple blossom time. Revel in the celebration of culture, heritage and music by attending several events during your visit. Big pond is the home of the widely known Canadian singer and song writer Rita McNeil. Other attractions are the tall ships, the Bluenose Schooner, the beaches, ocean cliffs, friendly little villages, golf courses make for an enjoyable vacation. Halifax the provincial capital is a major Canadian seaport on the Atlantic Ocean.
Boat Building

We are now going to visit the last maritime province on our tour Newfoundland and Labrador located on Canada`s east coast.

English explorer John Cabot discovered the island of Newfoundland in fourteen ninety-seven. The abundance of fish off the coast brought many Europeans to begin the fishery industry. England took possesion of it in the late fifteen hundreds. Waterstreet in the capital city of Saint`s Johns has the oldest street in North America. Newfoundland joined Canada as the tenth province in nineteen forty nine. Gros Morne Park has beautiful scenery and unique rock formations with animals like arctic hares, woodland caribou and moose. Labrador is noted for it`s famous scenery fishing and historic sites.


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