My poetry consists of just thoughts from my heart.
Here are a few more of my creations.


True Friendship

I have shared so much with you as you listened and heard my thoughts and with great insight helped me accept my faults.
You gave advice when needed and were everything I could desire in a friend.
As I your friend I appreciated your strength and accepted your weaknesses.
I did not judge control or change you.
Our support of each other has made a huge difference in my confidence my happiness and my life.

Author: Rita Ryan


Remembering times gone by binding two hearts is a chain so strong holding each other together through all kinds of weather.
With links formed of love trust and happy moments shared knowing when someone cared.
Years could never break that bond but only find new strength of joys sorrows hopes and fears
as we struggle for survival in this great vast universe.

Author: Rita Ryan

Seasons Of Love

Springtime brings fresh new rosebuds and warm gentle winds.
As we wonder down life`s path into Summer months filled with long days of beautiful blue skies there are lots of seeds of hope planted in rich black soil.
Further down this road Autumn is just arriving with it`s gorgeous colors so vast and wide leading into a mellow and serene Winter brightened softly with a warm glow from the fireplace we know God created all the Seasons with love from His warm wonderful heart.

Author: Rita Ryan

Autumn Night

There was a touch of cold in the late evening as I awoke from a scary dream I looked out and saw the warmth from the gorgeous yellow moon and sparling stars shinning in the sky above my window.
I knew then that God was watching over me as he does with all his loving children.

Author: Rita Ryan

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