Here are some Wosib awards for the years 2006 2007 and 2008.
I really appreciate each and everyone of them.



I have been a Staff member and Head of the Wosib Revue garden for about five months.
Thank you Jeri and Idgie for this gorgeous award.

I have been a recruiter at Wosib for almost six years.
During my time as a digger for this wonderful women`s group I have won so many beautiful awards
Thanks Angela and Louan for the gorgeous graphic.

I enjoy signing the member`s guestbooks for Wosib.
Thank you Vick for this magnificient creative appreciation award.

Thank you Louan for all the Social Butterfly Appreciation awards from January to June 2008.
I appreciate all of these lovely awards.

This award means a lot to me as I didn`t expect one.
Thanks Vick for creating this gracious award.

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