Here's a webpage dedicated to the trails around the Atikokan Area. Whether you're racing down Pal Lake hill, handling the twisty singletrack through "The Christmas Tree Trails", burning your legs on a sprint around Steep Rock pits, or just cruising on the doubletrack, Atikokan will have a trail for you.

The authors on this site are all avid mountain bikers so you won't have false reports or stuff coming from some guy who hasn't been on a bike for 20 years. All of us here at Atikokan Mountain Biking love the sport of mountain biking and think that everyone should try it a few times in their life - do it once the right way and you'll be hooked for the rest of your life.
I hope you enjoy this site as there were many hours put into making it work and run smoothly,

Cory Jackson

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Last updated March 3, 2007

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