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   Looking Through Stone
   Poems about the Earth

   Celebrating geology, metals, minerals, and mining

   by Susan Ioannou, "The Mining Poet"

   “surprises like the best dessert”
   —Hans Kloster, Lapidomanen

A Unique Book
A Wider Audience
Table of Contents
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    A Unique Book—Proudly Canadian

    Much past Canadian poetry described our people and landscape in lyrical terms. Combining research and wonder, Looking Through Stone burrows deeper—the first collection of poems in Canada devoted exclusively to geology and mining. Quite literally, it goes underground. From volcanoes to vitamins, the book presents a wealth of factual information. It also explores past, more fanciful notions about how rocks and minerals fit into our human picture. In its 107 pages, science and imagination meet.
    The minerals included in Looking Through Stone are all to be found in Canada—a reminder of our country’s rich resources. First publication (ISBN 978-1-896350-22-6, 2007) was in mining country, Sudbury, Northern Ontario, by Your Scrivener Press.

    A Wider Audience

    In addition to traditional readers of poetry are many in the resource and mining community. The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada is including Looking Through Stone in its Mining Matters educational program. Also, it is being used in conjunction with the Specialist High Skills Major in Mining curriculum, developed by the Sudbury, Northern Ontario, Rainbow District School Board. Teachers and students can download the free, 15-page PDF Glossary, offering simple definitions of the geological/mining terms and historical/mythological references in Looking Through Stone.

    Table of Contents
    7 A grand continuum . . .

    13 Why

    Part I - PETRA
    15 Petra
    16 Geologist
    17 Exceptions
    18 Thinking Big
    19 Magnetometrist
    20 Metamorphic
    21 Igneous Rock
    22 The Link
    23 Haiku
    24 Devitrify
    25 Ash Flow Tuffs
    26 Hammer Trail
    27 Sedimentary Rock
    28 Rock Sample
    29 Almost Like Love
    30 Pegmatites
    31 Geode
    32 Two Facets
    33 Mineralogy Lesson
    34 Even the Words
    35 Illusion
    36 He Sits
    38 From the Beginning
    40 The Metal of Heaven: Iron
    43 The Lunar Metal: Silver
    46 The Power Metal: Copper
    48 The Noblest Metal: Gold
    50 The Liquid Metal: Mercury
    52 The Oldest Metal: Lead
    54 The Vital Metal: Tin
    56 The Hardest Metal: Platinum
    58 The Radioactive Metal: Uranium

    Part III - GEM LURE
    61 Oracle Stones
    62 Gem Lure
    64 Lithotherapy
    66 Amethyst
    67 Hematite
    68 Garnet
    70 Amber
    72 Emerald
    74 Moonstone
    76 Aquamarine
    77 Diamond
    78 The Magic of Stones
    80 Clay
    83 Prospector
    86 The Bottom of the Sluice Box
    87 Underground
    89 Working the Mines
       1. Artisanal Miner
       2. Slaves
       3. Shareholders
       4. Free Miners
       5. Technocrats
       6. Engineers
    96 Horror Stories
       1. Iron Mountain
       2. Cyanide
       3. Holes
       4. Silicosis
       5. Prophecy
    100 Reclaiming the Earth
    102 Pest Control

    104 Petrologist

    107 Susan Ioannou

    And More

  • Four Poems: “Why”, “Metamorphic”, “Aquamarine”, “Magnetometrist”
  • AuthorsAloud: Susan comments and reads “Geologist”, “The Link”, “Haiku”, “Amber”, and “Engineers”.
  • Response to the Book: What others think of Looking Through Stone

  • Order Information

    Looking Through Stone: Poems about the Earth, by Susan Ioannou
    First Literary Edition, paperback (Sudbury: Your Scrivener Press, 2007 [now ceased publishing),
    107 pages, ISBN 978-1-896350-22-6, $17.00—SOLD OUT.

  • eBook Literary Edition, with glossary (Wordwrights Canada, 2010), eISBN 978-0-920835-34-0.

  • Expanded Paperback Edition, with glossary (Wordwrights Canada, 2017), 144 pages, ISBN 978-0-920835-50-0.

  • Poems on Geology, Metals, Minerals, and Mining, by Susan Ioannou
    eBook Industry Edition, with glossary (Wordwrights Canada, 2017), eISBN 978-0-920835-51-7.

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