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Three Ways to Grow As a Poet


Thank you for visiting Lessons in Writing the Poem. Wordwrights Canada welcomes all who love words and are serious about bettering their writing. Poetry, especially, is an intricate art that takes years of reading, thinking, and practice to master. Some writers are fortunate to attend courses and workshops in person. Others live in isolated communities, or prefer to learn on their own, in the privacy of their own homes. To help you broaden your creative knowledge and hone your poetic skills, Wordwrights Canada offers three different options.


Buy the Book

A Magical Clockwork: The Art of Writing the Poem by Susan Ioannou
gives you 160 pages of valuable guidance on poetic technique,
well illustrated by excerpts from Canadian poems.

Take the Online Course

In 20 lessons, learn at your own pace the essentials every poet
needs to know, with exercises to develop and practise
your craft. (Includes the book.)

Interact with Your Own Writing Coach

For an additional fee per page, or per hour, choose the extra option
of receiving feedback on your poetry from a professional editor
outside Wordwrights Canada. Note that as poetry demands
intensive skill with language, professional editing fees
will reflect that high degree of expertise.


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Updated April 2017
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