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Online Poetry Writing Course Lessons in Writing the Poem
Are you a writer serious about honing your poetic craft? This self-directed course is designed especially for you. Linking to Canadian poems and resources on the Internet, you'll master the elements that make your work clear, engaging, and professional in calibre.
Canadian Student Writing Resources

[Links] Canadian Links of Interest to Writers
[Holding True] A Literary Vocation Holding True: Essays on Being a Writer (eBook)
When we write, we are up against the wall: "Who am I? What do I feel? What do I think?" After three decades, Ioannou knows well the thorns and honey of the literary life. In these pages, you will find ample light and balm, not to mention encouragement, inspiration—and laughter. If you've ever doubted yourself as a writer, this book is for you.
[A Magical Clockwork] Poets'
A Magical Clockwork (paperback)
With this critically praised guide by Susan Ioannou, learn the secrets to the art of writing good poetry, as revealed through examples from Canada's best poets.
[WRFP] Theory into Practice

Writing Reader-Friendly Poems, Plus Writing Exercises (eBook)
From more than 50 rules of thumb, learn to select, expand, rearrange, and edit raw inspiration into poems that are clear and engaging, and that touch emotions, mind, and senses. Plus tips on finding inspiration and getting published.
[Polly's Punctuation Primer] Writing

Polly's Punctuation Primer (PDF)
This free download both entertains and teaches how punctuation works, offering illustrated lessons in story form, plus practice exercises, projects, and games.
[Ygdrasil] Further Reading Other paperbacks, eBooks, and PDFs by Susan Ioannou
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  • A Little Wordwrights History

    [Susan Ioannou photo] An editor, teacher, and writer, Susan Ioannou has published articles, fiction, and poetry in literary magazines across Canada, as well as several books, for both adults and children. In 1985, she founded Wordwrights Canada to bring together her many professional pursuits. Under its umbrella, with Cross-Canada Writers' Magazine, where she was Associate Editor, she developed a Manuscript Reading Service. Her poetry workshops for the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and the Toronto Board of Education she extended into distance education by creating The Poetry Tutorial correspondence course, now expanded and offered as the online course Lessons in Writing the Poem.

    Besides her own writing, Susan published chapbooks of others' poetry. Annually, she researched and compiled the market guides the Literary Market Directory, Literary Markets That Pay, and later The Canadian Writers' Contest Calendar, now produced by White Mountain Publications. Twice a year she circulated her newsletter Wordwrights to clients and other interested writers. (Bibliographic details are listed in the Archives.) She has shared her literary insights in talks, individual coaching, readings, workshops, and such handbooks as A MagicalClockwork: The Art of Writing the Poem and Writing Reader-Friendly Poems, Plus Writing Exercises. In 2010, she began to shift Wordwrights Canada from paperback to eBook publishing.

    Susan's most recent poetry titles are Looking Through Stone: Poems about the Earth on geology, metals, minerals, and mining history, the dramatic narrative Coming Home (An Old Love Story), and Looking for Light. For full descriptions and links to all her books, click Featured Titles. For a complete list of her past activities please click Literary Curriculum Vitae.

    Since 1995, Susan has redirected part of her professional work. Projects for corporate and commercial clients are now done under the name of a second company, ClearTEXT Rewriting and Editing.

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