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  Looking for Light

   by Susan Ioannou

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About the Book

In a deeply troubled world, how is it possible to "Make it beautiful," as her Muse demands, Susan Ioannou asks in her fourth major poetry collection, Looking for Light. In the attempt, she follows the artistic imaginationís travels as far as Italyís Bagni di Lucca, fantasizes about a poetry class romance, feels the intimacy between sculptor and subject, and swirls with a dancerís passion. Part 2, Beyond Knowing, turns inward, blending spirituality, nature, and the paradoxes of particle physics to puzzle about the experience of God and the mysterious forces that brought us into being and invisibly sustain us, body and soul. Part 3, Passing Seventy, explores transformation, both physical and emotional, as the final years of life approach. Not only do ageingís challenges of failing health and family loss reshape our familiar perspective on the present, they drive a larger vision of what may come after the inevitable happens.

From the Back Cover

"There is more true poetry, more beauty, knowledge and song—direct transmissions from Susan's Muse—in each of the three sections of this collection than in 99% of the entire typical Canuck poetry offering. Miss devouring this book, and you'll miss the heart, soul and wisdom of one of Canada's best and wisest poets."
—Chris Faiers, poet, publisher, editor, first recipient of the Milton Acorn Peopleís Poetry Medal

"In this engaging third period work, poet and career editor Susan Ioannou relentlessly questions the adequacy of words to capture the gleanings of her keen-eyed, open-eared travels through space and timeóeven words that hang themselves upon the catch-nail of love."
—Ron Charach, author of cabana the big and Prosopagnosia

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Looking for Light, by Susan Ioannou (Brighton, Ontario:
Hidden Brook Press, 2016), 81 pages, paper ISBN 978-1-927725-34-4, $19.95.

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