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The name Poetry Friendly Bookstore was originally created by The League of Canadian Poets to identify those carrying a good selection of our country's poetry titles and holding a variety of poetry events. Many have been longstanding supporters of the art, are familiar with the poetry scene, and can recommend what books to buy.

Several have already ordered A Magical Clockwork for their patrons. For a list, click Wordwrights Canada Poetry Friendly Bookstores

Poetry Friendly Bookstore Terms

Poetry Friendly Discount Schedule

1 (special order) 30%
2 or more 40%
5 and up, with no returns option 50%
On Canadian orders, add 5% HST (HST Registration No. 86121 0573 RT0002)

Contact Information

To arrange your retail order, contact
Wordwrights Canada
Fax (416) 752-0689
E-mail wordwrightsAsympatico.ca

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