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1xAlarm resolves duplicate ('dupe') alarms occuring between multiple installed date book applications.

1xAlarm was written for the Sony CLIE TH55, on which dupe alarms tend to occur between the built-in CLIE Organizer Date Book and other date book applications. Other devices typically do not have duplicate alarm issues and do not need 1xAlarm.

After every hotsync or time change, 1xAlarm detects if a dupe alarm was generated and removes it. If a dupe alarm does occur under a scenario it does not handle, it will detect the dupe alarm triggering and prevent duplicates from recurring.

Supported date book applications:

  • Palm Date Book
  • Agendus
  • CLIE Organizer Date Book
  • KsDatebook

1xAlarm is freeware.

System Requirements

1xAlarm requires Palm OS version 3.5 or later.

Revision History

Current version: v.1.1

    v.1.1 August 25 2004
  • added support for KsDatebook
    v.1.0 August 13 2004
  • added support for Agendus
  • added option to view last resolved duplicate alarm
    v.1.0.b.1 July 6 2004
  • initial release (beta)

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