Although the name "Toy Manchester Terrier" was adopted only in 1938 the breed itself, had been known in England for many centuries. Indeed in a letter written to his friend Gesner in 1570, Dr. Caius mentioned the "Black-and-Tan Terrier". Dr. Caius manuscript is the first written account of the dogs of England. To the inquiry: "How long has the Black-and-Tan Terrier been known in England?" The Englishman will answer "As long as England has been know".

Long ago, before the arrival of the canine exhibitions, there was in England a black-and-tan Terrier less graceful and sturdier than those current. These first dogs had no toes lineages no point above eyebrows, nevertheless they were healthy, brave and useful. They were accomplished murderers of rat, whether it is in an arena or along streams. In fact their value was recognized without any consideration to shape or breed but only the numbers of rats that they had killed.

The district of Manchester in England was recognized as the centre of two events called "Sports of the poor men" it was the execution of rat and the pursuit of the rabbit. John Hulme's a dog fancier had the idea to produce a dog which can be used in both competitions. He bred a female Whippet with a famous rat murderer, a dard brown mixed breed Terrier. Which explains the bent back, rarely seen in Terrier breeds. Dogs resulting from this union showed themselves very useful other fanciers raised it so was born the Manchester.

As an intelligent and imp compagny dog no breed is superior to the Manchester. It has an apperance of thoroughbred which one finds in no other dog. The long clear head, its expressions of sweetness, its brilliant dress, its whip tail, its intelligent and well woken appearance commands attention, its neatness and its short hair opens it doors which would be closed to his long coated brothers. To top it all its weight leaves nothing to be desired, because it appears in two size, an average size which weighs more than twelve pounds and less than twenty two pounds and a Toy version of twelve pound and less.

 It is told that in 1848 at the Queen Hotel Tavern of London a Toy Manchester Terrier of 5 1/2 pounds name "Tiny" would have killed 300 rats in a record time of 54 minutes 50 seconds. An alert guard dog and a most loyal family companion who requires little exercise and grooming.