Missing in Action
by Theresa Cunningham

Some things are missing from 12 entries in the completed grid, as alluded to by the unclued entry at 1-Across.  The first letters in each affected entry, when read column by column from left to right, will tell you where they've gone.  Enumerations have been withheld.

Missing in Action Grid

1.   See instructions
11. Angry about crude speech for bride-to-be's assemblage (2 wds)
12. Glut of English alternative gear, 50% off
13. Such the elaborate china cabinets
14. Taffeta lace veils and others (2 wds)
17. Spies with skin blemishes
18. Mysterious East Indian people
19. Songbirds finish off the marshy plants
21. Drug like his contributed to highs
22. Suppose fool joins up with me
24. Smell rotten stream of water with no source
25. Took advantage of American editor
27. Cut tag, elastic, and heavy string
30. Inflates sails when going around lake
32. Portuguese navigator said "Heading west"
34. Slip of the tongue after opening church area
37. Someone making lace rag
42. Ponder a microscopic opening
43. Clergyman acts like a busybody at temple's opening
44. Figure of speech (in vitro, perhaps)
45. Hearts of Cleopatra & Anthony may undermine loyalty for the Egyptian ruler
47. Rakes cold spots
48. Ladies wary at first premonition
49. Imitate flightless bird at the eleventh hour
50. Notes CIA's nameplates
51. Immorality of tense renegades in an upheaval
2.   Picks one team's score in a shutout
3.   Talk of decoy trapping bats, etc.
4.   Toadies coming from Sadat's van in Arab country (hyph.)
5.   Assimilates old school biblical prophet
6.   Give a second examination to stray setter
7.   Looks with longing at girl's top in Cheers
8.   Sore jockeys holding up act in cowboy competitions
9.   Monkey around with gismo, pursuing empty self-interest
10. Formally withdraw – cheesed off when dumping husband
11. Exterior confines starting to support eviction
14. Ecstatic bishop's leaving behind time
15. From beginning to end, Republican's consumed by incomplete thought
16. Love a nip of sherry, also known as port in Japan
20. In the sound, authentic flounder
23. Iranian dictators' quiet exclamations of surprise
25. Edges away from subdued Colorado native
26. Unlike shy frogmen
28. Unspoken discrimination spread by one
29. Top-secret hospitals taking us in, twice (hyph.)
31. Host, tho peculiar, is a remarkable talent
33. Trap paratrooper encircling a political organization
35. Tiny Baby Louie's back in Crumbling Empire
36. Uncivilized folks inflame fussy old ladies
37. Koppel carries hat to church, with a matted layer on top?
38. Fear ma's ruined a certain type of house (hyph.)
39. Shortstop pledges to conceal overthrow
40. Merchant's upset re. Barb
41. Casually examine facial features in the audience
42. Writer's describing California nut
46. Has her rent go over again
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