Lost and Found
by Theresa Cunningham

As alluded to by the shaded (unclued) central light, something's been lost from 11 different
Down entries.  The first letters in each affected entry, when read column by column from left to
right, will give you the found location.  Enumerations of the Down clues have been withheld.

Lost and Found Grid

1.   Fire judge prior to refusal (7)
6.   Louise's partner is playing Hamlet (6)
10. Museum's original piece with more time-worn decay (6)
11. Someone rousing everyone in Rhode Island emergency room (7)
12. Exotic cameo includes a couple of bits of a tiny organism (7)
17. Evil is lacking in religious woman  (6)
18. Dorothy's aunt ambled around, perfumed (8)
19. Fight partially about us sleeping (6)
21. Spring tranquility is most meager (7)
22. See instructions
24. Sovereign left representative in Rome (7)
26. Face the limits of Kissinger (6)
29. Feign act, horribly cutting (8)
31. Espouses trouble points (6)
35. Live longer than outcast with a heart transplant? (7)
36. Prior is more like a nobleman? (7)
37. Retaliate for hail on the outskirts of England (6)
38. A bit of nastiness seen in fortune teller's smirks (6)
39. Badmouth a New York hockey player after face-off? (7)
1.   One Massachusetts college took in ape
2.   Iceberg's smooth movement in the sound
3.   Ed Ames' abnormal fluid accumulations
4.   Louse with Rich, dropping heroin and a type of acid
5.   They arrange charter to Ross Resorts
6.   Giants' tackle initially clobbered Saint
7.   Novel title is snobby
8.   Measures things for street parking
9.   Judge a little Cairo tart I brazenly brought up
13. Mrs. Clinton, not finished with speaker, draws laughs
14. Force opening of safety lock
15. Superior pitches served up
16. I'll repeat for untutored soul
19. Incredible piglets ate leaves from books? [2 wds.]
20. Draw out and drink just a little honey
23. Watch over incline
25. Commercial writer supports married psychiatric patient?
27. Ripped off Elton's hit
28. Drool over in Sunbelt, tipsily
30. Sparkle with grand group of newborn puppies
32. Looks at males and females heartlessly
33. Having two parts, fight for the audience
34. Thief and tenants took the bait
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