An anagram is a simple rearrangement of letters.  In an anagram clue you will always find a straight definition, the word or words to be anagrammed, plus an anagram indicator.  The anagram indicator is a word or phrase that suggests movement, strangeness, or a poor condition.

Some examples of anagram indicators are:

Movement: changed, collapsed, mixed, exercising, dancing, in a drunken state, out of control,  in a mess, after repairs, is swirling about

Strangeness: silly, funny, odd, unconventional, wacky, unusual, mad, eccentric

Poor condition: sick, hurt, damaged, blown up, broken, after an explosion

Sample clue:
Grant, a noted eccentric (6)
In this case, the solution is DONATE. Grant is the definition (with a little bit of trickery to disguise it as a person's name).  A noted contains the letters of donate when they're rearranged.  And eccentric is the anagram indicator.

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