Hidden Words

In this type of clue, the answer is hidden among some of the letters in the clue.  You will also see a hidden word indicator, which will suggest that the word is concealed by, contained in, or part of the answer.

Some examples of hidden word indicators are:

Concealed by:  hiding, smuggling, concealing, secreting

Contained in:  holding, having, carrying, found among, confined to

Part of: part of, partially, some, a little, essential to, essentially, in, exhibiting, showing, letters from, characters in

Sample clue:
Grant is essentially released on a technicality (6)
Here, the solution is again DONATE. Grant, as you've seen, is the definition.  The hidden word indicator is essentially, and the words releaseD ON A TEchnicality are hiding the solution word.  There is another word as yet unaccounted for in the clue: the word is.  Is it an extra word?  No, in this case it is simply a connecting word which links the solution to the wordplay, giving the literal instruction X is (the essence of) Y.

There are plenty of variations on the hidden word theme.  In each special case, the indicator should clearly signal where the letters are hidden.  For example, the solution could be hidden in initial letters (heads of, starts to, first of all), final letters (finals in, last of all), middle letters (hearts of), even letters (evenly, ignoring the odds), or odd letters (oddly, evens out of).

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