Other Clue Types

Once in a while you'll come across a clue which doesn't fall neatly into one of the aforementioned categories.  The key is to look at the literal cryptic instructions for the solving hint.  Some examples of these different types of clues are:

Sample clue (Replacement):

Replace Republican with Liberal in true brilliance (5)
In this clue, the instructions replace Republican with Liberal in true are telling us to replace the R with an L in a word for true (right) to get a word which means brilliance (LIGHT).

Sample clue (Replacement):

True brilliance with a new leader (5)
This clue is very similar to the above replacement, though in this case the replacement letter is not given directly.  With a new leader is telling us to replace the first letter (leader) of a word that means brilliance (light).  That is, light with a new leader equals RIGHT, defined as true.

Sample clue (Fuddism):

Spineless stink from Elmer Fudd (4)
Here the answer is WEAK, defined as spineless.  When reek (a word meaning stink) is spoken like Elmer Fudd (from Elmer Fudd) it sounds like the word weak.

Sample clue (Spoonerism):

Remove the centre of an apple quickly, by Rev. Spooner's prediction (8)

This is a play on words where the consonants of two words or syllables are transposed, as Reverend Spooner was famous for doing.  Remove the centre of an apple quickly (core fast), when said in this manner (by Rev. Spooner), is ('s) a word that means prediction.  Have you got the answer?  It's FORECAST.

Of course, there are other types of clues that, while rare, you will come across from time to time.  As with the above examples, the cryptic instructions will literally guide you to the answer.  With a few crossing letters (and perhaps a little bit of practice), you should be able to solve, enjoy, and appreciate any clue that a wily constructor might throw at you.

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