Braille It Now!

ATCB Is Now eager to convert the ink print and produce your braille!

Documents, textbook, manuscripts, restaurant menus, books, school material, or just a simple letter or greeting card to a relative or friend can be brailled. We will send you back the Brailled material or you will pick it up from our Braille production Center!

ATCB is equipped with high industrial standard Braille printers which has a capacity to emboss 300 characters of Brailles per a second. We produce 700 volumes of Braille books per a day!

No matter the volume, we have all of the best equipment, software, supplies and skilled Braillists!
ATCB with a deep sense of satisfaction proudly claim, that the computerized Braille service has widely opened the gates of knowledge to the blind community in Ethiopia.

Contact us today to get your Braille matterial!