The Logo of ATCB is a circle within which stands out a picture of a computer. At the computer screen is a drawing of the human eye and in the middle the heart is representing the pupil with rays of white light shining forth from it. The whole set of pictures is an artistic reflection of the statement that

can vividly be read right below it. The writing, which goes both in English and the Ethiopian native official language [Amharic] runs:

"I don't have sight. However, I have a vision!"

The expression is an embody of the philosophy and dream of ATCB. The computer drawn in the logo represents all adaptive techniques including computing
that ATCB employs to attain its goals. The drawing of the heart visualized at the screen with rays of white-colored light stemming from it is also symbolic.
So when it comes to making a success of one's life, what actually counts is not just the human eye, vital though it understandably is. Rather, much good
can still be accomplished and enjoyed through the proper use of the remaining faculties and senses.

In Ethiopia, as it may well be the case universally, the heart is traditionally a symbol of human understanding, wisdom, imagination, and creativity.
These attributes can still be possessed and exploited by an individual despite any form and degree of visual disability.

"I don't have sight. However, I have a vision!"

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