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Ethiopic Braille

The Ethiopic Computerized Braille!

The Ethiopic script has been in use since 100 BC. It is the only indigenous African alphabet still in use today.
Each character in the Ethiopic alphabet represents a syllable: a combination of consonant plus vowel. There are 33 consonants and seven vowels.

Anyone who cannot read is clearly at a disadvantage in our modern society, even though they may have many other skills.  Consequently, braille is of inestimable value to visually impaired people.

Although Braille is not a language, Braille translation software is necessary to convert MS Word, Word Perfect or other text files to Braille for the beneficiaries.

Currently, only the Adaptive Technology Center for the Blind (ATCB) is capable of producing the Ethiopic Script into Braille.

With the help of the Ethiopic Braille, blind users should have the opportunity to read for themselves the great works of literature, Newspaper, and all other textbooks which are written in the Ethiopic Script.

Dr. Tamru E. Belay.

Ethiopic Braille Programmer.

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