“The German embassy in Addis-Ababa funds new resource room at Pioneer COLLEGIATE FOR THE BLIND/PCB October 11, 2012."

"Together for accessibility: ICT for the blind and visually impaired: UNESCO and ATCB. December 2007."

“You see the screen, I hear it! December 15, 2007."

Life&Art, By: Yelibenwork Ayele, The Reporter, May 26, 2007.

It's about Tamru Belay, not technology: Amharic Braille empowering blind people in Ethiopia.

Tamru Ewnetu: Determined to Save Lost Sights

ICTs for Visually Impaired in Ethiopia, "Vision in Action!" June 3, 2004

International Telecommunication Union/ITU, "News Magazine"

A Vision of Universal Access, "United Nations/UN Chronicle"

Launching of ITU and UNESCO assisted project to support the Adaptive Technology Center for the Blind (ATCB) in Ethiopia

Training Ethiopia's blind people in ICTs, May 2005, Insights, Issue #55, Institute of Development Studies, at the University of Sussex, UK.


La Presse (Tunis). 17 Novembre 2005.

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