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The Search and Reunion
When I turned 22 or so, I decided to find out how I could go about searching, if I chose to do so. I wrote to Parent Finders in Ottawa and was told that I'd have to get in touch with the Adoption Reunion Registry in Vancouver because that was where I was adopted. I did that, and a while later got a pamplet in the mail. I sat on that for a while, and a year later sent in a form, requesting further non-identifying information, and for a passive search. I was glad for this option. This meant that I could be registered, but no one would be intruded upon. I was told that if anyone in my biological family did the same, I'd be notified.

It took almost a year to get the information. They told me that no one else was registered. I was a bit sad, but figured that for now, that was the way it was...and I was okay with that. I was happy for the information I did get.

Just after my 24th birthday, I got a letter telling me that my biological mother had registered! My mom was the first person I told. She was happy for me...and was really great about it. I was nervous, excited, scared, and happy all at once! I called someone from the Registry, and he told me some more information. It turns out that my bio. parents did stay together, and I had two brothers!! I was pretty excited, let me tell you :) I told the man that I wanted to start with letters because I thought that phone calls would be a bit much. Plus, I wanted time to let all this sink in.

A short while later, I got a big envelope from BC! In it, there were photos, and letters from my bio. mom, dad, and brothers. It was really strange seeing the photos...I stared at them for a very long time! They looked like nice people, but they were still strangers. The letters helped a lot; it was really good to learn some of my and their history.

I sent my own letter and photos, and we started writing back and forth. One morning, very early, my bio. mom called. We had a very good was a bit strange but it made me happy. E-mail came in handy too — it was a great way to talk to my family in BC without paying all those nasty long distance charges! My bio. dad was living in Ontario by then, so I met him first. We went out for coffee and just sat and talked for a long time. I was nervous, but it went very well. Kathy came out a while later and we had our first meeting at my apartment. During her visit, we talked, looked at photos and got to know each other. I was comfortable with her after a surprisingly short period of time. I really felt a connection.

The following summer I went out to BC and met my brothers and other family. My brothers are, talented, funny, and much more. I'm proud to be part of their family ;) All the family I met was really great to me, very welcoming and friendly. This was one trip that I'll never forget!

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