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One of the easiest ways to show that you support animal rights is to be a compassionate and careful shopper. Choosing one product over another because it's production didn't harm any animals is an effective and easy way to get your views knows. Many large companies have stopped testing on animals, but there are still many who refuse to do so.

I know that one person alone doing this won't have much of an effect, but if all people who feel this way start shopping according to their beliefs, this will have an impact. Every little bit helps! I feel that compassionate shopping should be done for two reasons: to send a message to the manufacturers of the products, and to feel good about what we use by knowing we aren't benefiting from the abuse of animals.

There are so many different products on the market, it's hard to know what to buy and what not to buy. A good starting point is to check out PETA's Caring Consumer information. It includes a list of companies which test and companies which don't test. You may be surprised!

Simple things you can do to help

  • Don't 'shop' for a pet...visit your local Humane Society or animal shelter
  • Don't buy wild exotic animals...those that survive have suffered cruelty during capture and transportation
  • Don't buy any products that have been tested on animals
  • Don't spend your money on entertainment in which animals are used and abused (circus, zoos, marine parks, etc.)
  • Don't buy belongs on the animal!
  • Do ask companies about their policies on animal testing..let them know your views!
  • Do write to your local politician and let them know what you want done about animal testing
  • Do talk to others about this issue...awareness is the first step!

Other sites of interest

Cruelty-Free Shopping Guides and Reference
Includes lists of companies that do test on animls, that don't test on animals, companies with moratoriums on animal testing.

Online Shopping
A list of online shopping sites which feature cruelty-free products

Animal Aid
Information about the importance of considering ingredients and reading labels when shopping.

Cruelty Free Shop
Online store selling animal friendly, cruelty free, vegan products.
(Available in the UK only).

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