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The cat is domestic only as far as suit its own ends...
- Saki (H. H. Munro)

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Adventures of Tiger the Kitten
So cute!!

Casper the Talking Cat
Various sounds from Casper.

Bad Kitty List
Huge list, and all very funny.

Misty & Pickles' Cat Page
Quotes to make you smile and laugh, amazing cats and more fun!

Create a virtual cat, send a kitty card or play some game in the playground!


Cats'n'Kittens Designs
I got a few of my graphics here - thanks! The site has lots of really good images.

Beware of Cat
Graphics, Scratchin' Post Tips, postcards and much more.

Almost 3,000 cat graphics and a fantastic information library.

Cat Basket
Great section on cat related book reviews.

Cat Fancy On-Line
Includes the Feline Library, Feline Finder and contests.

Cat Lovers
Site from the Mining Co., full of useful resources.

Pawprints and Purrs
Full of good info..handy Purr index!

A Cat's Eye View
Nicely designed and has many things to see and do.

Articles, Products, Pet Chat and lots more. Cute too!

Cat Page
Feline-L, Help the Animals and more.

CATS Magazine
Online version of the magazine.

Boots & Lori's Catworld
Information about health, nutrition, quotes, behaviours and more.

Precious the Cat
Fascinating feline facts and more.

Cindy's Cat Pages
Reviews of cat books, cat poetry, litter box manners...just to name a few things!


Spay/Neuter - Save a Life
Page dedicated to all the unwanted homeless cats in the world.

Humane Society of Ottawa Carleton
Lots of interesting information.

Richard & Trudi's Website
Tons of cat photos..they'll post yours if you send it!

Cat Names
Long list of cat names.

No more cruelty

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