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Welcome to yet another personal homepage.
It has what most homepages have: information, photos and links. The difference is that this one was created by me! I can tell by the look on your face....you're thrilled aren't you? :) This site is divided up into several 'mini-sites' which you can see listed to the left.

Tania All of the information I've added to this site has something to do with me, either directly or indirectly. I love to read, and my favourite type of book is mystery. I believe strongly in many things (let's all say it together...Tania is opinionated!) and animal rights is one of those things. What else? Oh that's right...I am adopted, a proud Canadian and I adore my two cats.

I've recently updated my Detroit Red Wings page and now have some photos, general information and links.

This site is proudly Canadian! This site is also pro-choice, anti-racism, pro animal neutering, anti cruelty to animals, pro open adoption records, anti-homophobic, and pro Coke (over Pepsi)...any questions?? :-)

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