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I don't bother to turn off JavaScript when I'm browsing. Aggravating as pop-up ads are, I don't visit many ad-heavy sites so it isn't a major problem. That said, unsolicited pop-up windows have become a real annoyance. Confirming the marketing industry maxim that consumers are like "cockroaches," advertisers strive tirelessly to outdo themselves in their efforts to grab the public's attention. A modern twist on the 'interruption style' advertisement is the pop-up, which jumps out at you but has the added feature that you must take an active step to get rid of it. Unlike TV commercials, it does not simply run its course.

Imagine my fascination, then, on seeing the following window pop up recently:

Pop-Up ad for 'PopUp Killer'

I found myself staring at an annoying pop-up window advertising an application that claims the ability to block annoying pop-up windows. The people who made this application are, therefore, gleefully perpetuating the very problem they promise to solve for you! I don't know whether this is ingenious or plain dastardly, but you have to admire their pluck.

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