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Email Parliament - This page contains the email addresses of all 308 Members of Parliament and the Prime Minister's Office in an easy-to-copy format.

Web Design

Web Style - Brief overview of design issues facing the internet, with emphasis on the separation of content and presentation, and techniques for designing useable pages. Updated in light of my own experiences with the last upgrade for this site!

Browser Safe Colours - A table of the 256 colours that display on all graphical browsers, with their hexidecimal codes.

Why Upgrade? - For the first time, most current web browsers (more or less) fully support standards that match the strengths and limitations of the internet. Unless you're limited by the hardware you use (and keep in mind that Opera is quite sprightly even on slow processors), you should consider moving to a standards-compliant browser.

Note to Netscape 4.x Users - Why the heck does my site suddenly look so bland in a Netscape 4 browser?

Original Site Design - Screenshot of the original design, tables, physical tags, and all (shown in Netscape 4.72).

Site in Standards-Compliant Browser - Screenshot of the new design in a standards-compliant browser (in this case, Internet Explorer 5.5).

Anti-Spam - Spam sucks real bad. This page explores the anti-spam measures I've taken with this site. Updated occasionally.


FileList - Small (32KB) Windows utility that lets you browse to a directory and display its files in a text box. That way, you can copy the filenames en masse and paste them into a text editor. (Also includes options to convert the list to an HTML list or an HTML table.)

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Why does this site look so bland?

This site is designed to comply with current web standards - HTML 4.01 and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - which separate style from content. Because your browser does not support style sheets, they have been "hidden" so that you only see the content and basic formatting.

Get more out of the internet and upgrade to a standards-compliant browser - check out the Web Standards Project for links to Standards-Compliant browsers

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