The saddest thing about the Maude Barlows and Bruce Campbells of our society is how seamlessly they have been cast as reactionaries. The whole company of free-trade opposing, health care defending, Conrad Black bashing, CanCon protecting patriots resembles nothing so much as the embarassing rear guard of a (thankfully) passing age. Being tagged with the neo-luddite label hasn't helped at all. How could the New Right, in just twenty years, have managed to emerge from the fringe of the political spectrum and occupy all of the space right up to the center, while pushing the traditional center/left off to the other margin, to be lumped in with the marxists? In other words, how did the value system which represents over half a century of Canadian politics end up so obviously on the defensive?

It may be due to the right wing's relative comfort with the tools of marketing, particularly since so many of the claims of the people who are now winning power are really just thinly guised appeals to greed, cynicism, and self-interest.

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