2003: The Year In Hypocrisy

2003 was such a banner year for hypocrites that I scarcely know where to begin! In the interest of space, I've limited myself to hypocrisies related to the Iraq invasion and occupation. Many of those fruits are deliciously low lying, so to avoid making my job too easy, I've avoided the most glaring hypocrisies in order to ferret out the more insidious cases that might otherwise seldom see the light of day.


Topics Not Covered

There's only room for so much hypocrisy. Sadly, I had to omit the following examples:

Missed Hypocrisies

This was such a banner year, I'm quite sure I missed some great hypocrisies. If you know of any not listed, please send them to me at tofocsend@yahoo.ca, and I'll post them at the bottom of this page.

Have a wonderful new year!

Ryan McGreal
January 5, 2004

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