About Banding
April 22-28 2004
Weekly update on migration monitoring results from Tommy Thompson
Park for the week of April 22nd-28th, 2004.

North winds on the 22nd resulted in only 14 birds banded and 35 species
on census. There were more migrants present on the 24th as 39 birds
were banded which was mainly composed of Slate-coloured Junco,
Brown Creeper and Myrtle Warbler. The most active day of the spring
thus far was on the 26th as 57 birds were banded. 5 new species were
recorded on this date which included; Black-throated Green,
Black-and-white, and Orange-crowned Warbler. The return of cold
northerly winds kept migrants at bay for the the remainder of the update
period. A warm front is due in the next 24 hours, so check your local
patches for new arrivals!


1-Yellow Warbler on the 23rd
1-House Wren on the 23rd
1-Eastern Towhee on the 26th
1-Orange-crowned Warbler on the 26th
1-Black-throated Green Warbler on the 26th
2-Western Palm Warbler on the 27th
6-Swamp Sparrow on the 28th

1-Trumpeter Swan on the 22nd (1st of season)
1-Blue Jay on the 22nd (1st)
1-Rough-legged Hawk on the 23rd (1st)
5-Pine Warbler on the 26th
40-Myrtle Warbler on the 26th
1-Blue-headed Vireo on the 26th (1st)
8-Swamp Sparrow on the 28th


Season Banding Total: 421

Season Species Total: 111

Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator