About Banding
April 29 - May 5
Weekly update on migration monitoring results from Tommy Thompson
Park for the week of April 29th-May 5th, 2004.

The week began with SW winds and warmer temperatures but it seemed
the weather was a little too nice as migrants had optimal conditions for
passing us by. A high flying Northern Mockingbird on April 30th was a
noteworthy observation. Cooler Temperatures and thick fog produced
some spring arrivals on the following two days. The first major push of
migrant landbirds was observed on the 3rd of May as 114 birds were
banded, consisting primarily of White-throated Sparrow, Swamp Sparrow
and Myrtle Warbler. The remainder of the update period has been quiet
for all of Southern Ontario. We are expecting a major influx of new arrivals
in the next week so watch for a big (but not too big) update next


1-Lincoln's Sparrow on April 29th
1-Orange-crowned Warbler on April 30th
1-Northern Waterthrush on May 1st
2-Black-throated Blue Warbler on May 1st
4-Ovenbird on May 3rd
2-Northern Rough-winged Swallow on May 3rd
1-Yellow-billed Cuckoo on May 4th
1-American Woodcock on May 5th

1-Least Flycatcher on April 29th
1-Northern Mockingbird on April 30th
1-Great-crested Flycatcher on April 30th
1-Solitary Sandpiper on May 1st
2-Baltimore Oriole on May 1st
2-Veery on May 2nd
80-White-throated Sparrow on May 3rd
3-Eastern Towhee on May 3rd
4-Chimney Swift on May 5th
4-Turkey Vulture on May 5th (rare at TTPBRS)

Season Banding Total: 672
Season Species Total: 129


Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator