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May 13-19 2004
Weekly update on Migration Monitoring results from Tommy
Thompson Park for the week of May 13th-19th, 2004.

Weather for the past week has not been particularly conducive
to grounding migrants as high pressure and/or northerly winds
have been persistent. Highlight of the 13th was the first troupe
of students (grade 7) at TTP Bird Research Station, many oohs
and aahhs over the Warblers and a Cedar Waxwing! Banding
totals for the week hovered around the 30-40 birds per day
range with a low of 9 on the 16th and a high of 75 on the
18th. TRCAs "Bring Back the Birds Festival" was held on May
15th which went very well despite a general dearth of birds.
Approximately 80 visitors were treated to banding
demonstrations at the research station. Most of the migrant
species we expect to see at TTP have already arrived, but we
are still awaiting the peak of migration for flycatchers, vireos
and thrushes in the next couple of weeks.


1-Wilson's Warbler on May 13
1-Cape May Warbler on May 14
1-Blackpoll Warbler on May 15
1-Tennessee Warbler on May 15 (1st and only record this
1-Canada Warbler on May 17 (ditto!)
12-Swainson's Thrush on May 17
3-Yellow-bellied Flycatcher on May 18
12-Least Flycatcher on May 18
1-Blue-winged Warbler on May 19

Observations (Rather lean this week!)
1-Slate-coloured Junco on May 15 (late)
1-Mourning Warbler on May 15
1-Red-headed Woodpecker on May 18

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total

Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator