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May 20-26 2004
Weekly update on Migration Monitoring Results from Tommy
Thompson Park for the week of May 20-26, 2004.

Landbird migration has been much more impressive this past
week, particularly the latter half. Heavy fog and SE winds on
May 23rd led to a fallout of migrants at TTP. Magnolia Warbler,
Red-eyed Vireo and empidonax flycatchers were the dominant
species. The concentration of birds was even higher on the
following day as 171 birds were banded from only 45 of 90
standard net hours. In the remaining days of the update
period, banding totals gradually diminished as weather was
cold with unfavourable winds. Estimated totals for Philadelphia
Vireo, Mourning Warbler and Wilson's Warbler have been
especially noteworthy for the past week.

This will be the last update for the spring season as yours truly
is headed north for a few weeks of surveying in June. The
Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station will be in
operation until June 8th and will reopen in early August for fall


1-Winter Wren on May 20 (very late)
2-Indigo Bunting on May 20
17-Swainson's Thrush on May 20
1-Hermit Thrush on May 21 (late)
1-Blue-winged Warbler on May 23
3-Mourning Warbler on May 23
15-Traill's Flycatcher on May 23
2-Golden-winged Warbler on May 24
7-Canada Warbler on May 24
5-Bay-breasted Warbler on May 24
24-Magnolia Warbler on May 24
6-Philadelphia Vireo on May 26

1-American Redstart foreign recovery (details later)

1-Fox Sparrow on May 20 (very late)
1-Slate-coloured Junco on May 20 (very late)
1-Myrtle Warbler on May 20 (late)
138-Whimbrel on May 22
12-Bay-breasted on May 23
1-Connecticut Warbler on May 24
17-Philadelphia Vireo on May 24 (DST)
26-Red-eyed Vireo on May 24 (DST)
16-Swainson's Thrush on May 24 (DST)
24-Least Flycatcher on May 24 (DST)
6-Mourning Warbler on May 25 (DT)
13-Common Yellowthroat on May 26 (DT)

Season Banding Total

Season Species Total

Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator