About Banding
May 6 - 12 2004
Weekly update on migration monitoring results from Tommy Thompson
Park for the week of May 6-May 12, 2004.

We have just completed our busiest week of coverage so far this spring!
We experienced a fallout on May 7th as 104 birds were banded of 23
species (mostly Myrtle, Nashville and Palm Warbler as well as
White-throated Sparrow). Surprisingly, winds were from the North the
previous evening. The high volume of birds recorded on the 7th was not
evident on the 8th and 9th although there were some interesting sightings
for those dates (see below). Overnight South winds and an early morning
thunderstorm on the 10th produced a massive fallout at Tommy Thompson
Park. Warblers were everywhere, moving through the fog in a
southwestern direction along the peninsula throughout the count period.
Despite running only 6 of our 15 nets for much of the 6 hour banding
period, we still managed to band 273 birds. An additional 136 birds were
released unbanded and 82 species were observed. 13 new species for
the spring migration monitoring were tallied on this date. Another strong
passage of migrants was sampled on the 11th as 122 birds were banded.
From then on, warm and clear conditions provided a perfect opportunity
for migrants to sail over the GTA, as evidenced by only 34 birds being
banded on the 12th.


1-Rusty Blackbird on May 7 (1st banding record for TTP)
1-Red-breasted Nuthatch on May 7
1-Hairy Woodpecker on May 8 (1st banding record)
9-Least Flycatcher on May 10
4-Swainson's Thrush on May 10
1-Northern Parula on May 10
18-Magnolia Warbler on May 10
92-Myrtle Warbler on May 10
2-Blackburnian Warbler on May 10
1-Blue-winged Warbler on May 10
2-Golden-winged Warbler on May 10 (1st banding record)
10-Swamp Sparrow on May 11
2-Scarlet Tanager on May 11

Observations (a few of many new arrivals this week)
1-Sharp-shinned Hawk on May 8
1-Ruby-throated Hummingbird on May 8
1-Cliff Swallow on May 9
1-Cape May Warbler on May 10
1-Savannah Sparrow on May 11
75-Bobolink on May 10
1-Traill's Flyatcher on May 12
1-Gray-cheeked Thrush on May 12

Season Banding Total: 1376 (previous week was 672)
Season Species Total: 153 (previous week was 129)


Dan Derbyshire
Migration Monitoring Coordinator