About Banding
Volunteer at the TBO Migration Monitoring Station
Time Period: Spring 2006

A number of you have been enquiring about our plans to band at High Park. Richard Joos, our
President and Chair, has been busy finalizing arrangements with the City of Toronto Parks,
Forestry and Recreation Division to allow us to officially start operating at Spring Creek
Meadow in High Park in the near future.

So that you can have the opportunity to become acquainted with our new site and to meet
with your fellow members and the Directors of the TBO, you are cordially invited to our first
Annual General Meeting to be held in High Park on Saturday, April 29th, 2006.

We will begin the day, weather permitting, at 10 am on Hawk Hill on the north side of the
Grenadier Restaurant in the middle of the Park to see our Educational Demonstration Site.
We will notify you by email or phone on Friday April 28th if it appears that weather will be a

Then we will walk to the Banding Station Site at Spring Creek Meadow and do some
extracting, banding and scribing.

After a break for lunch we will hold our Annual General Meeting starting at 2 pm at the
Howard Park Tennis Club on Parkside Drive opposite Indian Valley Crescent (2 blocks south
of Bloor). Our guest speaker, Gene Morton, will speak on 'What do OUR birds do in the
tropics and how do they know how to do it?"

We do hope you will be able to attend, and not be caught up with too many other spring
activities, and we very much look forward to seeing you on Saturday April 29th.

We are keen to get as many volunteers as possible to participate in the spring banding
program. If you think you would like to participate, please contact Richard Joos directly and
let him know which mornings best suit you.
Richard's email is:
r.joos @ utoronto.ca (remove the spaces from the email address before