Anger Management (court accredited)
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Individual and/or group treatment as required.

McGill Domestic Violence Clinic

  • Violence against women both in and out of marriage is an increasing problem which necessitates comprehensive and specialized services. The McGill Domestic Violence Clinic Men's Group uses a model which addresses the complexities of this multidimensional problem.
  • Appointments for an assessment can be made at any time by phoning: (514)737-7208
  • The McGill Domestic Violence Clinic does offer additional services depending upon the circumstances. These include:
    • A Support Group for Women - this is an open group which may only be available at certain times of the year and is free of charge.
    • Individual counselling on a fee for service basis.
    • Couple counselling on a fee for service basis.
    • Family counselling on a fee for service basis.

Montreal Anger Management Centre

Is here to help you with problems like:

  • Road Rage
  • Telling Off the Boss
  • Trouble with the Law
  • Getting Pushed Around
  • Losing Customers/Jobs
  • Conflicts with Your Children
  • Turning Off the People You Want to be Close to

A dedicated team of treatment specialists offers a wide range of services:

  • Information and Referrals
  • People who call the Montreal Anger Management Centre will be given information about our services as well as referrals to other agencies should the need arise
  • Assessments
  • We are experts in determining the nature of your problem and what form of treatment is best for you.
  • Group Therapy
  • As skilled group workers we provide an effective way for people to help each other to get back on track.
  • Individual Therapy
  • We are trained to give psychotherapy to individuals, separately or in addition to group therapy
  • Couple & Family Therapy
  • Our team includes couple and family therapists and a supervisor certified by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)
  • Training and Presentations

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