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Individual Counselling / Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Relationships:
    social, family and at work
  • Life crises:
    coping with illness, bereavement, job loss, marriage / relationship breakup
  • Behavioural Problems:
    substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling, addictive and compulsive behaviours
  • Forensic:
    reintegration, behavioural work, compliance

Anger Management (court accredited)

Do you have problems like:

  • Road Rage
  • Telling Off the Boss
  • Trouble with the Law
  • Getting Pushed Around
  • Losing Customers/Jobs
  • Conflicts with Your Children
  • Turning Off the People You Want to be Close to

Montreal Anger Management Centre can help. >>Learm more...

Couple Counselling

  • Marriage / conjoint dilemmas:
    financial, social, blended families, second marriages
  • Life crises:
    illness, job loss, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc.

Family Therapy

  • Couple dilemmas, second marriages, blended families
  • Children with school problems and/or social problems
  • Work concerns (problems at home can affect work and vice-versa)

Group Therapy / Counselling

  • School programmes:
    social skills for kindergarten through high school
  • Domestic Violence - Anger Management:
    support groups, therapy groups for men who batter, for women who are abused, for substance abusers, etc.
  • Relationship problems

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