TOM CAPLAN, M.S.W. Counselling / Individual, Couple and Family Therapy - Montreal - offers individual, couple, marriage & family, family, and group therapy / counselling by phone or by meeting.

Tom Caplan, M.S.W. can help you... or someone you care about.

> Individual Counseling / Therapy
> Couple Counselling
> Marriage and Family Therapy
> Anger Management (Court Accredited)
> Acting-out Adolescents
> Group Therapy / Counselling

Talk things over by phone or by meeting.

Needs ABC Books Now Available!
The Needs-ABC Model is distinguished by its emphasis on the relational needs behind maladaptive behaviours, rather than the behaviours themselves, and by its flexibility in terms of application to clients in a range of personal and therapeutic settings.

To order copies of these books go to:, or

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