Make a note of this site because one day you

Will want to do one or all of the following:

1.    Improve your golf swing

2.    Make practice more efficient and enjoyable

3.    Spend less money at the driving range

4.    Have a practice device that the whole family can use

5.    Get children interested in practicing at an early age

6.    Buy a unique gift for the golfer who has everything

One of the best instruction tips you will ever

get which will improve your golf swing by

just making ONE SIMPLE MOVE

TEE EASY is your personal automatic golf tee

TEE EASY is patented- USA #5464223

-Canada #2119923

Hit a ball off the tee and the next ball is automatically put

On the tee (COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC since no separate

Operation is needed to send the ball to the tee)

No levers to operate nor switches to push

Neither electricity nor batteries are used

Take your leisure time hitting balls or hit them as

Quickly as one ball every 5 seconds


Integral hopper holds up to 90 (ninety) balls

(will not clog due to innovative patented design)


TEE EASY is portable (only weighs 7 pounds)-size 10W x10L x16H

Can be used at the driving range or in your backyard, garage or basement driving into a net

RUBBER TEE and TEE PAD are connected to the unit

SIMPLE just sit TEE EASY down on the ground, a mat or the floor

n    fill the hopper with 90 balls or less

n     swing away ---- nothing to adjust or attach ----


Lets admit it, there are a lot of gimmicks advertised which promise swing improvements but the

Only way to improve is to PRACTICE.     (can be used by right and left handers)

TEE EASY allows you to practice easier, faster, more efficiently & as a result more enjoyably


Improve the most important shot in the game ---- the DRIVE ----

Anyone can learn to two-putt with concentration and a little practice but to learn to drive

Long and accurately requires a lot of practice and this is where TEE EASY helps


PRICE  only  $55 US funds      Freight  COD       Assembly Required


TO ORDER  send money order or check to:


TEE EASY ENTERPRISES INC                   or use PayPal

202-37 Johnson St

Barrie, ON L4M 5C3



For more info:  email     phone  705-735-2902