Model Steam Engine Construction

Last updated: 14 Aug 07 (Assembly completed - See S50 Assembly section; video links added)

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This web site will be of at least passing interest to anyone who has contemplated building a model steam engine.
103_0323Crop_rs.jpg (61980 bytes)engine2.jpg (68484 bytes)No assumptions of prior knowledge or machining skills are made, and in fact the site is aimed at the novice. (The indulgence of more experienced home machinists is requested!) The construction of several simple oscillators is described but the main focus is on the construction of the Stuart S50 model from a casting kit using a Taig model lathe.

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Laurie_FS.jpg (52515 bytes)Penelope_FS.jpg (64594 bytes)The illustrations on this page are examples of the type of models that this site addresses, ranging from  simple oscillator types (at the top) to more complex single and multi-cylinder slide valve engines (bottom).

The Stuart S50 lies between these two types in terms of complexity and construction difficulty.