Shakespeare Quotes For The Contemporary Homeboy



“Lay on, MacDuff, and damn’d be he that first says, ‘Yo, I ain’t down wit’ dat!’”

-   MacBeth



“Yo, man, what’s dat light? ‘Zat Juliet? Yo, what up, Miss Thang? Romeo is in da house.”

-  Romeo and Juliet



“Dude. Bein’ or not bein’. Bitchin’ question, man.”

-  Hamlet



“If music be the food of love, you want fries wit’ dat?”

-  Twelfth Night



“Yo. Spot. Get out.”

-  MacBeth



“Alas, poor Yorick. He was my homeboy, a real badass.”

-  Hamlet



“Romeo, thou art a mean mother.”

-  Romeo and Juliet



“The world is, like, a stage, y’know and people, they’re, like, players and stuff, just struttin’ around, doin’ their thing, man. “

-  King Lear



“Romeo, Romeo, where yo’ lazy ass at?”

·      Romeo and Juliet





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