T. Gregory Argall

Catalogue Of Plays


All plays copyright T. Gregory Argall 1996-2004

except “Princess” copyright David Mouti & T. Gregory Argall 2002

and “Self-Help For Dummies” copyright T. Gregory Argall & Todd McGinnis 2004


The Secret Lives of Sketch Artists

Three writers for a sketch comedy television program encounter complications in their working relationships when extra-marital activities are accidentally revealed. The tension starts to affect the content of their sketches, with hilarious results.

       three acts           4m, 3f


Self-Help For Dummies {co-written with Todd McGinnis}

A freelance apologist, a nymphomaniac virgin and a motivational speaker with self-doubt are all left to deal with each other when their therapist doesn’t show up on time.

       two acts         4m, 3f


South Of Hope

Tears and laughter, anger and love merge explosively as a wheelchair-bound hockey player, a blind photographer and an amputee factory worker meet for group therapy sessions.

       two acts         2m, 2f


A Year In The Death Of Eddie Jester

As stand-up comic Eddie Jester lies comatose in a hospital bed, his displaced spirit performs for the audience, narrating, providing commentary and cracking jokes. When his wife and girlfriend visit his bedside at the same time, things take an interesting twist.

       one act version    2m, 2f

       two act version    4m, 3f

                       Available from Samuel French Inc.



A psychological thriller about an unbalanced window dresser who seeks advice from her mannequins on how to deal with those she views as enemies.

       one act          1m, 3f


Princess {co-written with David Mouti}

A touching comedy about relationships, career choices, phone sex and pizza.

       one act          1m, 1f


Holy Grail!

A tired old Jewish man trains an atheist neo-punk folk-singer to replace him as the guardian of the Holy Grail.

       one act          1m, 1f


Just Another Business Lunch

God and the Devil meet over lunch for their regular business review and discover several discrepancies in the accounting reports. Things are further complicated when a third party company launches a hostile take over of both of their operations.

       one act          3m, 2f (with double casting)


Spare Parts & Stray Plots

A writer’s characters come to life and demand the freedom to speak their own minds. Art imitating life imitating art imitating Humphrey Bogart. Except for the fictitious parts, this is the true story of how this play was written.

       one act          3m, 1f (with double casting)


Suburban Femme Fatales And The Great Sports Bar Caper

Four housewives amuse themselves by plotting the fictitious robbery of the local sports bar, which they feel has “stolen” their husbands. But it’s all just a game… isn’t it?

       one act          0m, 4f


The Johnny Melartten Show

It’s the inaugural episode of Johnny’s new late night talk show and none of the guests show up. Who can he blame? The razor-tongued bandleader has chosen his target.

       one act          2m, 1f


Requiem For A Vocalist

A group of friends put their high school garage band together again for their fifteenth year reunion. Only one thing missing: Who’s going to sing?

       one act          3m, 2f


Faster Than A Single Bound

The Super-Hero members of The Legion of Justice try to cope with new members, identity crises, insurance problems and municipal red tape.

       one act          4m, 1f


Assassin Over Teakettle

Corporate assassin, Natalia, is sent on a mission to locate a rival freelance killer. Unexpected twists and turns complicate the task as her target comes within reach. How does a vacationing small town couple fit into all of this? What is the secret buried in the past of Marty the room service guy? Who is Tireur Embusque?

       one act          2m, 2f



It’s going to be difficult enough for Mike to tell his parents that he’s gay. Then he discovers that his lover is a werewolf. A beautiful full moon rises just as Mike’s parents arrive.

       one act          3m, 2f


Eric’s New Job

After being struck by a car, Eric starts his afterlife career, taking a job as a Deceased Entities Afterlife Transfer Host (D.E.A.T.H.). His training goes relatively smoothly until he must literally confront a ghost from his past.

       one act          4m, 1f


The Man Who Hated The Season

Inspired by the fictional character that was the source of many childhood taunts, corporate mogul, Mr. Grinich, plots to steal not only Christmas, but also Hanukkah, Ramadan and all other celebrations of faith that he sees as mere inconveniences to his business plans. A multi-faith angel sets out to teach him the error of his ways.

       one act          2m, 1f, plus 4-8 speaking extras in the final scene



For information about performance rights, royalties, or simply to get a reading copy of a script, please contact T. Gregory Argall at parallaxtheatre@sympatico.ca


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