Africa trip

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25th August 2005

Welcome Fodor's people. For those of you curious about the bowl we bought in Field, B.C. follow this link

22nd June 2004

Aha! Another update! Yet more maps for Scorched 3d. These might (if I'm very very lucky) end up in the next Apocalypse HQ map pack. Anyway, if you haven't already found the Scorched 3d game, go give it a try. You might like it!

17th May 2004

Experimental Scorched3d Maps for the Scorched 3D game - they are intended for developers to play with. Essentially, you need to merge the landscapes.xml-Toby into your landscape.xml file and add the maps in the landscape subdirectory to your scorched 3d data files. No guarantees that they work. No warranties provided. If they blow up your computer, steal your dog and date your girl/boy friend behind your back, it's not my fault. You have been warned.

On the other hand, how much damage can 10 BMP images and an XML file do? No - on second thoughts, don't answer that.

14th December 2003

First pictures are up for Tanzania. More to follow...

Initial site setup (a.k.a. It Works(TM) )

Yet another "under construction" web page hits the net. And yet, maybe out of the primordial slime of the ether, something decent may one day emerge here...

At some point, pictures of our trip to East Africa (severely editted highlights from some 1400 negatives) will appear. Possibly some source code that I've been working on. Embarrasing pictures of people we know. Unless you check up regularly, you'll never know ...