Tanzania is an amazing place. Amazing people. Amazing vistas. Amazing.

We'll add our diary notes once we have time - for now, hopefully the pictures will give some feel for the sights we saw.

Lake Manyara

We stayed at Kirurumu Tented Lodges after a great day on the shores of Lake Manyara exploring the National Park.


The Serengeti plains stretch away under the sun into the shimmering distance. But it's not just grassland and it's certainly not empty. While we were there in June 2003, the mmigration had just arrived in the area we were visting. Zebras and wildebeest were on the move in large numbers, and where they went, they were attended by the predators following the herds...

Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro crater is the largest unbroken crater rim in the world. The floor of the crater lies at an altitude of 6,000ft, with the walls climbing to over 8,000 ft. A protected area and a sanctuary to the black rhino, this is a place straight out of some Arthur Conan Doyle book. You half expect dinosaurs to rumble out of the forest ...

Masai villages

The Masai people continue their ancient tradition of raising cattle. Their entire livelihood is built around cattle, from the milk, blood and meat that makes the main part of their diet. Their villages can be found all over the Masai lands, moving as the need for water or better grazing requires. Surrounded by a wall of thorny acacia branches, the people and cattle live in close concert and we were grateful for the opportunity to enter a village and meet the people.