The Angela and Emmie Adventures

** New May 2009 **Book 4: The Secrets of Dynamite Point 

It’s summertime again in Mahone Bay, and Angela and Emmie are spending their days taking long walks out of town. They come across a beautiful piece of land, full of old-growth forest, rare plants, wild deer—and mystery. It’s called Dynamite Point, though the girls can’t figure out why, and it’s about to be destroyed and developed by a faceless corporation.

Just when Angela and Emmie think things can’t get any more complicated, they discover a grisly, shocking scene deep in the woods. The only way to save Dynamite Point is to learn all of its secrets—but can the girls learn them in time?

                         Book 1: The Ghost at Mahone Bay

Do ghosts exist? Angela Black, recently moved to a small seaside tourist community thinks so, while her best friend Emmie Seegal, a long-time resident of Mahone Bay, N.S. is most definite that they do not.

Together they are involved in an escape from life-threatening danger, a daring rescue of a friend and a series of unexplained events that convinces them that something or someone is watching over them.

Their search for the answer to who this spirit is reveals a surprise connection, but as to the original question - is there such a thing as a ghost? - well you decide.

                         Book 2: Danger at Mason's Island  

DMI Final cover.jpg (799361 bytes)A 2007/8 Hackmatack Children's Choice Awards & Silver Birch Express Awards finalist

It’s another summer in Mahone Bay, and Angela and Emmie are cat-sitting on Mason’s Island - and searching for pirate treasure they think might be buried there. But when they discover a very different kind of treasure on the isolated island, they also put themselves in serious  danger. From one life-threatening situation to the next, the girls are getting deeper and deeper in trouble!

Who’s responsible for the mysterious treasure?  How will Angela and Emmie escape this mess unscathed? Follow the girls as they come face-to-face with the danger at Mason’s Island.

                         Book 3: Trouble Twins Save Christmas

It's December in Mahone Bay, but it sure doesn't look like it. There's no snow on the ground and no decorations downtown. Even worse, Angela and Emmie's favourite teacher, the editor of the town's newspaper, is in the hospital, so the town's shops have nowhere to advertise their holiday wares. It's shaping up to be the world's worst Christmas.
Angela and Emmie, otherwise known as the Trouble Twins, decide they can put out the paper themselves. But with schoolwork, newspaper work, boy troubles, and disasters piling up, it's clear they can't handle everything alone. Will they be able to save Christmas for Mahone Bay, and for themselves?

Welcome to Angela and Emmie's Adventures. You can find here more about Angela and Emmie and their town of Mahone Bay, as well as about the author (me), and also about some of the girls’ other adventures, soon to be published. You can buy these books from most independent bookstores, Chapters/Indigo and Chapters online. If your bookseller doesn't have it, ask them to order it from Nimbus Publishers in Halifax.

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