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The Edge is a diversified consultancy providing expertise in creating healthy, productive workplaces.

The Edge offers a range of WORKPLACE CONFLICT RESOLUTION & MEDIATION SERVICES. We help you find practical solutions to the most common forms of disruption in the workplace.

Our primary focus is on issues relating to harassment and discrimination in the workplace, including sexual and racial harassment, disability issues and systemic discrimination.

THE EDGE is one of Canada's foremost human rights consultancies.

THE EDGE specializes in practical, tailored to your work environment TRAINING for management and staff. Workshops involve participants through active participation, dynamic interaction and examples from over twenty years of experience with human rights issues.

The Edge's POLICY DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION service uses a unique fifty-two point template to develop clear, sensible policies to respond to issues of harassment and discrimination.

When you receive a complaint that is too controversial or difficult to deal with internally, we provide professional INVESTIGATION SERVICES.

A UNIQUE SERVICE OF THE EDGE  -- One-on-one Harassment Rehabilitation Training

The Edge has expanded our calendar of training programs by adding a  ONE-ON-ONE HARASSMENT REHABILITATION TRAINING PROGRAM. We will help you deal with the difficult dilemma of the employee who has been involved in inappropriate behaviour who needs specialized training to address the problem areas.

The Edge also works in the areas of crisis management and media relations.


You can contact Alan Shefman, President of The Edge at 905-709-1163 or email

Don't have a workplace harassment policy? 
You had better think about getting one. (Check out Why your company needs a harassment policy for some reasons why.)

The cost of workplace harassment is enormous. Lost productivity, absenteeism, bad publicity and litigation expenses can mean thousands of dollars in needless costs. By taking the initiative and establishing a policy and educating staff your corporate liability will be significantly decreased.

The Edge has developed policies for both private and public sector organizations. We can assist you in developing a policy that will help save you the expense and embarrassment of a formal complaint getting into the media. Remember, a good harassment policy can be a powerful bottom line productivity tool. It can also be an excellent problem solving tool, applicable in many areas of the workplace.

We also will assist you if you receive a human rights complaint filed at an outside agency, such as a human rights commission. We will represent your interests throughout the mediation, investigation and adjudication process.

The Edge provides a full range of harassment policy training and consulting services, including:


1.  Suggestions on how to approach accommodation for special needs in the workplace - The Edge's Eight Point Guide to Providing Accommodation
2. Two model policies developed for the National Harassment Prevention Task Force (in the Performing Arts).

Canadian Actor's Equity has developed an active and progressive program to address issues of harassment in the performing arts. In 1999, with the strong support of The Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT), other organizations involved in performance were invited to come together to form The Task Force.

One of the first initiatives of the Task Force was to prepare and make available these model harassment policies developed by THE EDGE. Two versions of the policy are available. The Short Policy would be useful for a smaller organization with limited resources. The Full or Long Policy provides a comprehensive approach to prevention and resolution of harassment problems in the performing arts in Canada.

3.  A forum to discuss the management of workplace harassment policies

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Strategic Communications Services
Our strategic communications work focuses on helping you interact with the media - either by training you how to deal with the media or representing your company.

One of our specialties is developing and managing crisis communications plans.

Alan Shefman, President

The Edge, through its principal, Alan Shefman, and our network of associates, provides you with the human rights and communications resources you need to keep your liability low and your productivity high.

Alan Shefman, President of The Edge, has twenty-five years of diverse experience in human rights and communications work. This work has included:

  • Director of Communications and Education at the Ontario Human Rights Commission
  • National Director, League for Human Rights (the ADL in Canada)
  • Member, Conflict Resolution Network Canada
  • In November 2000, Alan Shefman was elected for a three year term as a Trustee to the York Region District School Board. In 2003 he was re-elected for a second term as a Trustee. In 2004, he was elected as a Councillor for the City of Vaughan in a by-election. He was re-elected to that position in November of 2006.

    Selected Clients of The Edge

    Since 1994, The Edge has become the leading authority in Canada on post-secondary harassment and discrimination issues. Clients include:

    Sexual Harassment Policy Update

    From September 1996 until December 1997, The Edge published a unique quarterly newsletter, Sexual Harassment Policy Update, providing its clients and subscribers with valuable tips and information about managing internal complaint systems.

    Please take a look at some of the articles that have appeared in Sexual Harassment Update

    ,...and other useful information pages


    The Edge is located in the City of Vaughan, Ontario. Vaughan is located on the northern border of Toronto in Southern Ontario.

    We would really enjoy hearing from you. You can reach The Edge by e-mail at:

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