Mediation & Dispute ResolutionServices

Practical ways to resolve disputes and help organizations gain agreement on contentious issues through mediation and other forms of  intervention.

• disputes or conflicts that arise in the workplace can become so contentious that they become impossible to resolve through the normal internal methods used to deal with day to day problem solving

decision-making can become bogged down when consensus is not possible through the usual internal process

• while senior managers often resolve these types of problems through their intervention, at times it is as important to ensure that there is a commitment to the final resolution that may not emerge out of an executive decision

•  a skilled, independent and unbiased professional mediator can assist in helping the parties resolve the dispute as well as provide those involved with new problem solving skills. The organization is in a win-win situation.

Our Approach

 We will work closely with our client to understand the immediate issues as well as the context for the problem. This often involves reviewing available documentation, conducting research and talking to people who may be dealing with similar situations. The comprehensiveness of this review will vary dependent upon the scope and nature of the issues. Discussion will take place with the involved parties to attempt to fully understand the positions they have taken.
   Based on the information gathered, a dispute resolution plan will be presented to the client and, if appropriate, to the parties involved in the dispute. We are not set on a single method to fix all disputes or disagreements. Our recommendation is based on our professional judgement of what will be the best way to help solve the problem.

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