One-On-One Harassment Rehabilitation Training


An effective and discreet means of preserving your valued executives and employees in a productive workplace

Is your organization's harassment, bully or other types of inappropriate behaviour problem fixable? Contrary to stereotypes, most harassment complaints don't result in terminating an employee. And while some form of penalty may be one part of the fallout, other initiatives must be undertaken if you want to retain the problem employee without a recurrence of the behaviour.

When harassing or inappropriate behaviour occurs, The Edge provides an effective, respectful and discreet means to assist your valued executives, supervisors and employees to regain focus and return to the workplace with a much better understanding of the standards of behaviour that you expect. 

The Dilemma

Often an employee is too skilled or valuable to lose. Also, that employee may expose the company to unnecessary liability, anger and disruption from other employees and, with a recurrence of the behaviour, you will end up losing an important member of your staff.

You need to change the pattern of behaviour that caused the problem. Intensive personalized training may be the best means of doing this.


What can we do for you?
    One-on-One Training

Without a doubt, if a complaint is filed, after an investigation, some form of sanction may be appropriate. Even if there is no complaint but it is determined that inappropriate behaviour occurred, action still must be taken. Most importantly, you need to take steps to rehabilitate your employee. If you want to retain that employee, you need to take direct and aggressive action.  

The Edge, one of Canada's most experienced human rights services consulting firms, offers a unique harassment rehabilitation training service. The focus of our program is a series of one-on-one training sessions with a skilled human rights trainer. Our program is a positive, skill building, educational investment. It is NOT punitive, judgmental, blame-seeking or negative. We go beyond the benefits of legal and diversity training and provide your employee with the insights he or she needs to improve performance and leadership.

The Results

Participants in our program leave the session ready to return to the workplace focussed on applying what they have learned.

Organizations tell us the combination of skill building and processing is exactly what their employee needed.

Our program includes:

  • Two half day, one-on-one sessions over a ten day period followed by a third half day approximately three months after the original program
  • Use of a variety of materials, specific to the behavioural problem and to your company's policies and procedures
  • Clear guidelines for appropriate  workplace behaviour drawn from over 25 years experience working in every aspect of human rights
    <>A review of relevant documentation including complaint files and investigation reports. Consultation with your management, human resources and/or legal counsel to prepare for sessions so that we understand your desired outcome

  • NO MORALIZING OR ATTEMPTS AT THERAPY! Our programs are non-judgemental and very practical
  • <>Development of a clear understanding of appropriate workplace behaviour. We work with our workshop participants to help them understand such issues as welcome and unwelcome attention, guidelines for respectful behaviour and the rules relating to workplace harassment. We then provide them with the rules they need to follow and the tools they need to use to be a quality and productive employee
  • Use of a unique ten point assessment tool to provide our clients with a clear understanding of the responsiveness of your employee to the training. Amongst the issues assessed are:  willingness to participate in the training, willingness and ability to tell his or her story in a non-confrontational manner, recognition of the impact of his or her interactions on others  and recognition of inappropriateness of his or her conduct
  • A report to our client outlining what was achieved and our evaluation of the success of the program. We will also suggest ways to improve your capability to deal with workplace harassment on an ongoing basis
When harassment or inappropriate behaviour occurs, our One-on-One Harassment Rehabilitation Training Program is the best response your company can have to demonstrate its concern for other employees and its commitment to maintaining a harassment free workplace. Help move your employee beyond the incident and getting back to productive work


Alan Shefman, President

A diversified consultancy providing expertise in human rights training, policy development and management

Don’t allow your productivity or your profitability to be damaged by harassment and other forms of interpersonal conflict in the workplace. The Edge provides effective and efficient responses to these time-consuming and difficult issues

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