Abeles, Adolph
tailor, born in Pest,
1845: tradesman, income: 30 forints per year (f/y)

Abeles, Alexander
born in Rohoncz

Abeles, Anna
knitting trade, born in Nicolsburg, in Pest since 1828

Abeles, Aron
fruit or grain trader, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1817
1845: beggar
1804: dorsarius (carried merchandize on his back), 1813: wholesaler, bankrupt, handed business over to a relative from Nicolsburg (source: Vera Bacskai, A vallalkozok elofutarai [The Forerunners of Entrepreneurs], {Budapest, Magveto: 1989}: 29.)

Abeles, Aron
wholesaler, born in Buda

Abeles, Catha
flourmerchant, born in Óbuda
1845: retailer, income: 75 f/y

Abeles, David
businessman, born in Pest
?1845: retailer, income: 35 f/y
?1873: partner of Jonas, winemaker and house owner, tax: 1376f/y, income tax: 420Ft [by that time 50 Abeles lived in Pest]

es, David
employee of D. Austerlitz's Heirs, born in Neuszedlitz, in Pest since 1833
?1845: retailer, income: 30 f/y

Abeles, Elias
wholesaler, born in Óbuda
1845: income: 200 f/y
1848: wholesaler, grain trader

Abeles, Hermanus
1845: retailer, income: 45 f/y
1856: broke up with Franz Popper grainmerchant


Abeles, Joseph Löbl
wholesaler, born in Óbuda
1845: income: 95 f/y

Abeles, Marcus
kindling dealer, born in Nicolsburg, in Pest since 1813

Abeles, Rosalia
hanszthierstandl, born in Nicolsburg, In Pest since 1823

Abeles, Samson
liquor merchant, born in Óbuda
1845: peddler, income: 45 f/y

Abeles Sigismundus
first registered in 1845

Abeles, Wilhelm
businessman, born in Pest
1845: retailer, income: 60 f/y

Abelsberg, Emanuel
physician, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1809

Abelsberg, Marcus
retailer in 1845, income: 35 f/y

Abelsberg, Volfgang
buyer, born in Pest

Abelsberger, Jonas
door-to-door salesman, born in Pest

Abelsberger Mar...[?]
fruit merchant, born in Óbuda

Abelsberger, Volfgangus
ler in 1845, income: 60 f/y
[same as Volgang A.?]

Abiheri, Arnold
physician, born in Florence, Italy; in Pest since 1836

Abliater, Simon
goldsmith, born in Pest
1845: income: 35f/y
Abusch, Jacobus
retailer in 1845, income: 90 f/y

Adelsberg, Zsigmond
renamed jakubai Zsigmond Nemeshegyi in 1837
grain trader; daughter Terez (1802-1863) married Ignac Deutsch (1803-1873), grain trader, agent of General Insurance; sons: Jozsef (1824-1903) and Bernat (1826-1893): famous railway builders

Adler, Adamus
1845: retailer, income: 30 f/y

Adler, David
wholesaler, born in Pest

Adler, Herman
merchant, born in Pest
?1845: lesee of a minor royal privilege, income: 40 f/y

Adler, Jacob
merchant, born in Beled, in Pest since 1808

Adler, Leopold
merchant, born in Lovasbereny, in Pest since 1820

Adler, Leopold
merchant, born in Beléd, in Pest since 1825

Adler Leopold
writer, born in Miseritz, in Pest since 1834

Adler, Moritz
grain trader, born in Keresztfalu, in Pest si
nce 1821

Adler, Philippus
tradesman in 1845, income: 50 f/y

Adler, Salamon
coroner, born in Aszód, in Pest since 1808

Aigner, Simon
wholesaler, born in Miskolc
1845: wholesaler, income: 215 f/y

Alap, Michael
merchant, born in Györ, in Pest since 1825

Albachari, Elias
tobacco merchant, born in Nizza, France

Altmann, Josephus
1845: wholesaler, income: 80 f/y
1848: wholesaler of manufactured goods

Arenstein, Nathan Volf
merchant, born in Szecseny, in Pest since 1817
?1845: beggar

Arenstein, Rosalia
born in Györ

Arvay, Eleonora
peddler, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1821

Arvay, Samuel
tailor, born in Szemere, in Pest since 1829

Asinger, Bernard
buyer, born in Nagykörös, in Pest since 1827

Atsch, Emanuel
1845: beggar

Auer, Benedict
haberdasher, born in Boskovitz

Auer, Lasar
grain trader, born in Hrischau, in Pest since 1827

Auer, Simon
1862: grain trader, taxes paid: 6,300 forints

Auerbach, Herman
painter, born in Pest

Auerbach, Ignatz
house painter, born in Pest
1845: tradesman,
income: 45 f/y
Auerbach, Sigmund
house painter, born in Pest

Auspitz, Ignatz
tobacco dealer, born in Nicolsburg, in Pest since 1830

Auspitz Robert
name changed to Rémy in 1882; income tax: 440 forints, land tax: 1,212 forints

Austerlitz, Julius
spice merchant, born in Pest

Austerlitz, Samuel
grain trader, born in Györ, in Pest since 1832