Falk, Josephus
1845: buyer, income: 25 f/y
1873: Adolph and Lipót, merchants and landlords, taxes: 1225 f/y

Falk, Lasar
grain merchant, born in Miskolc

Falk, Leopoldus
1845: beggar

Färber, Leopold
scap dealer, born in Pest
1845: retailer, income: 35 f/y

Feichmann, Samuel
bookstore owner, born in Óbuda
1845: writer, income: 40 f/y

Feichtmann, Leopoldus
1845: writer, income: 45 f/y

Feigelstock, Anna
merchant, born in Vágujhely, in Pest since 1809

Feldman, Jacob
waiter at Marc Bettelheim, born in Spolau, in Pest since 1827
1845: innkeeper, income: 40 f/y
?George F. 1854: grain merchant [son of Jacob?]

Ferber, Leopold
peddler, born in Pest in 1801

Fessl, Ludovicus
1845: retailer, income: 50 f/y
1850s: in the construction business

Fettinger, Emanuel
1845: conventionatus, income: 120 f/y

Feuchmann, Maxim
house painter, born in Miskolc, in Pest since 1823

Fichtmann, Abraham
1845: buyer, income: 35 f/y

Figder, Löbl
buyer, born in Pozsony, in Pest since 1836

Figdor, Sigismundus
1845: retailer, income: 240 f/y

Fikdor, David
businessman, born in Vienna

Finali, Ignátz
musician, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1825

Finali, Moyses
firewood merchant, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1834

Finaly, Simon (1809-1878) [Pest or Óbuda?]
textile wholesaler, married the daughter of Mandelbaum, an Óbuda manufacturer
Simon's father's name: Moses, brewer in 1806 when he paid taxes 6 f/y;
1860s: Simon is in Óbuda, owner of one the largest textile factories in the country; plant destroyed by fire, rebuilt

Fink, David
peddler, born in Toscan, in Pest since 1814

Fisch, Samuel
1845: peddler, income: 50 f/y

Fischer, Aaron
mailman, born in Meseritz, in Pest since 1826

Fischer, Abraham
peddler, born in Wogtitz, in Pest since 1826

Fischer, Imre
1845: buyer, income: 50 f/y

Fischer, Isac Marc
postman, born in Mesevitz [Meseritz?] [same as Aaron?]

Fischer, Israel
merchant, born in Sasvár, in Pest since 1829

Fischer, Jacob Isac
"impoverished", born in Lobetses, in Pest since 1817

Fischer, Joseph
buyer, born in Kremsier, in Pest since 1817

Fischer, Joseph
copyist, born in Budvitz, in Pest since 1814

Fischer, Leopold
grain merchant, born in Zsámbég, in Pest since 1829

Fischer, Moritz
grain merchant, born in Neustadl, in Pest since 1824

Fischer, Volf
used book dealer, born in Kanapos, in Pest since 1813

Fischl, Leopold
bread merchant, born in Temesvár, in Pest since 1831
1845: income: 210 f/y
[sons?]1873: Guttman and Karoly, paid real estate tax: 176 f/y; Károly married Emma Schosberger (1834-1907)' Alajos Fischl had a transport general agency

Fischl, Salamon
merchant, born in Eibeschütz, in Pest since 1835
1845: income: 45 f/y
1873: Fischl Salamon and Lajos, vegetables business

Fischmann, Samuel
peddler, born in Pest
1845: peddler, income: 30 f/y

Fischof, Joseph
employee of Tobias Grün, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1830

Fleischer, Mauritius
1845: retailer, income: 70 f/y

Fleischl, David
grain wholesaler, born in Neuern, elder of Pest Jews
1845: wholesaler, income: 700 f/y; three employees, two Jewish and one Gentile
1848: grain wholesaler
1855: [son?] Daniel Fleischl, wholesaler (Pester Lloyd, May 21)
1873: owner of apartment building(s?); taxes: 3699 f/y

Fleischman, Benedek
grain merchant, born in Drosa, in Pest since 1811
1845: renter of of minor royal privilege [innkeeper or miller], income: 60 f/y
1854: Moritz Fleischman, [son of Benedek?], wine merchant (Pester Lloyd, May 4)
1873: Mor Fleischman [son of Benedek?], wine merchant and owner of apartment buildings, taxes: 780 f/y, other income: 468 f/y

Fleischman, Leopold
employee, born in Trebitsch, in Pest since 1834

Fleischman, Marcus
peddler, born in Szenitz, in Pest since 1831

Fleischmann, Joseph
distiller, born in Poland, in Pest since 1814
1846/47: taxpayer
1854: [son?] Karl, grain merchant (Pester Lloyd, June 8)
1873: [sons?] F. Ede and F. Mór Associates, wine merchants, taxes: 818 f/y

Flut, Bernard
optician, born in Flut, Saxen, in Pest since 1821

Forinsky, Josephus
1845: wholesaler, income: 200 f/y

Forsch, Marcus
male nurse, born in Veresvar, in Pest since 1829

Fotis, Victor
1845: retailer, income: 150 f/y

Frank, Gottlieb
store clerk, employee of Michael Schuller, born in Baja, in Pest since 1835

Frank, Marcus
employee of Michael Schuller [or Schuler], born in Komárom, in Pest since 1832

Frankel, Eva
wine merchant, born in Cserkovitz, in Pest since 1827

Frankel, Moritz
owner of general store, born in Óbuda, in Pest since 1808

Frankel, Samuel
buyer, born in Szerdahely, in Pest since 1829

Frankfurther, Isaias
journeyman goldsmith, born in Krickschau, in Pest since 1832

Frankfurter, Salamon
jeweller, born in Pozsony, in Pest since 1825

Frankfurter, Salamon
1845: buyer, income: 45 f/y

Frankl, Albertus
1845: craftsman, income: 45 f/y

Frankl, David
tobacco store co-owner, born in Belgrade, in Pest since 1835

Frankl, Edvardus
merchant, born in Eivanovitz, in Pest since 1825
(?)1845: craftsman, income: 35 f/y

Frankl, Gabriel
store manager, born in Pest
1845: wholesaler, income: 140 f/y
1848: still in business

Frankl, Jacob
businessman, born in Prague, Bohemia, in Pest since 1821
1845: conventionatus, income: 110 f/y
1873: grain and finance dealer, real estsate tax: 1200 f/y
(Wilhelm Frankl, grain merchant, left for Milan in 1873)

Frankl, Jacob Gabriel
merchant, born in Pest

Frankl, Maria
owner of a general store, born in Óbuda

Frankl, Marcus
employee in Mich. Schuller's store, born in Komarom, in Pest since 1832

Frankl, Samuel
dancing master, born in Pest
1845: buyer, income: 25 f/y
1854: advertizer in Pester Lloyd
1873: [son?] Henrik Frankl, taxes: 1523 f/y, owner of apartment building in Lipótváros

Fred, Johan
pipe maker, born in Sárospatak, in Pest since 1836

Freÿberger, Bernard
scrap dealer, born in Eibenschütz
1845: peddler, income: 35 f/y

Freystädter, Josepha
"lives on her capital", born in Pozsony, in Pest since 1831

Freystädter, Ludvig
store manager, born in Pozsony, in Pest since 1821

Freystaedtler, Lazar
1845: retailer, income: 140 f/y

Friedlaender, Samuel
1845: craftsman, income: 40 f/y

Friedman, Abraham
peddler, born in Szent György, in Pest since 1827

Friedman, Johan
invalid, born in Dukla, in Pest since 1824

Friedman, Sigismund
merchant, born in Szentes, in Pest since 1835

Friedmann, Henricus
1845: retailer, income: 110 f/y

Friedmann, Isuael [Israel?]
born in Szenitz, in Pest since 1825

Friedmann, Marcus
tailor, born in Szent György, in Pest since 1809

Friedmann, Salamon
1845: wholesaler, income: 200 f/y
1848: Friedmann&Grün
1857: Salamon Friedmann and Son (Moritz), wholesalers (Pester Lloyd, March 14)
1873: Mor Friedmann and Son [Salamon's grandson], income tax: 800 f/y, real estate tax paid by Salamon for apartment buildings in Lipótvaros: 2845 f/y

Friedmann, Sigismund
1845: income: 35 f/y

Fritz, Gerson
pipe maker, born in Körmend, in Pest since 1835
1845; beggar

Frommer, Aron
1845: retailer, income; 50 f/y

Fürst, Eduard
grain merchant, born in Hamburg, in Pest since 1830

Fürst, Samuel
wholesaler, born in Nades

Fux, Leopoldus
1845: retailer, income: 45 f/y